Opera Sustenida is a brand new collaborative ensemble dedicated to bringing the timeless art form of opera to a wider audience using virtual and online platforms.

Opera Sustenida features the talents of:

Stephanie DeCiantis, soprano
Nicole Whitney Dubinsky, coloratura soprano
Daniella Theresia, mezzo-soprano
Suzanne Yeo, pianist

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Our very first event, “Divas for Hire!!” allowed our audience to interact with us from start to finish!

With each ticket purchased, audience members had the opportunity to vote on our concert repertoire, choosing from a selection of beloved opera arias and ensembles. We even invited viewers to ask us questions, which we answered during the live chat segments of our concert.

For the concert itself, we created pre-recorded videos that used dynamic virtual staging techniques to allow  the divas to “interact” with each other on screen. We live-streamed these videos, along with live chats, for an interactive, one-of-a-kind concert experience on September 5, 2020.


Experience this one-of-a-kind concert for yourself and see why it has been watched (and re-watched) over 300 times since the livestream!

Purchase a ticket to access the replay!


 Access the Replay!