Opera Sustenida is a brand new collaborative ensemble dedicated to bringing the timeless art form of opera to a wider audience using virtual and online platforms.

Newly Released!

The Divas are joined by a glittering ensemble of Canadian artists for our Gotham City-inspired rendition of Wagner’s “Walkรผrenritt!”

(in order of appearance):
Natalya Gennadi (soprano) as Gerhilde
Stephanie DeCiantis (soprano) as Helmwige
Daniella Theresia (mezzo-soprano) as Waltraute
Monica Zerbe (mezzo-soprano) as Schwertleite
Nicole Whitney Dubinsky (coloratura soprano) as Ortlinde
Meagan Reimer (mezzo-soprano) as Siegrune
Catharin Carew (mezzo-soprano) as Grimgerde
Jennifer Routhier (mezzo-soprano) as Rossweisse

Suzanne Yeo (pianist) performs her own 4-piano arrangement of the famous score!

Created for our virtual concert “Date with the Divas (Vol. 2),” September 2021.
Staging and effects by Stephanie DeCiantis.
Audio editing and effects by Daniella Theresia and David Finneran.
Original English subtitles by Daniella Theresia and Suzanne Yeo.

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