Sing with the Divas II


Summer Opera Chorus Workshop for 
Il trovatore

July 26th-September 8th, 2022
Trinity-St Paul’s United Church

Final Rehearsals and Performances September 17th-25th



1. Will I have to memorize the choruses?


We will be adding staging and costumes, so you will need your hands to be free of scores by the time we perform in September.

But it’s not as scary as it sounds!

Our Live Chorus will appear in 4 scenes, but only 3 of them will need to be memorized. The final chorus (“Miserere”) will be pre-recorded (filmed) and will not need to be memorized. And if you were in our “Sing with the Divas” workshop last year, you already know the Anvil Chorus!

*There is an optional fifth chorus for Sopranos and Altos, which will be assigned by audition (more details will be announced during the workshop).

2. Will I have to wear a mask? What about vaccination passes?

Masking will be required for rehearsals.
We will provide a high quality singer’s mask to each Live Chorus member (and artistic staff). Proof of vaccination is required to be in our rehearsal space.

All cast and chorus members will be un-masked for the final dress rehearsals, filming day, and performances in September.
We will provide COVID-19 tests to each participant and will require proof of negative result prior to September 17th and September 23rd.

3. Is there air conditioning at the rehearsal space?


4. How do I apply for the Solos?

We will share more details about how to audition for these opportunities during the Workshop. 

5. Why is there a Filming Day?
Opera Sustenida is thrilled to receive a Digital Now grant through the Canada Council for the Arts!
As part of our grant fulfillment, we will be creating a professional video recording based on our production that will be available for on-demand streaming after our shows. We have hired a professional audio engineer and our Film Diva/Director Stephanie DeCiantis will work her cinematographic magic on the videos to create a full-length opera recording that echoes our previous virtual opera concerts. 

In lieu of a dress rehearsal at the Columbus Centre, we will be filming the full production on Friday, September 23rd. All Live and Digital Chorus members will receive a complimentary link to watch the final video when it is released!

6. What’s the difference between the Live and Digital Chorus Programs?

We have designed our Digital Chorus Program so that even singers located outside of Toronto can join our production!

The main difference is that Digital Chorus Members will only appear in select choruses, which they will self-film at home to be incorporated into our final production.

Both LIVE and Digital Chorus Members will have access to weekly “Office Hours” and discounted lessons with the Divas during the course of the workshop, as well as complimentary warm-up tracks and other goodies!

7. What is the Virtual Auditor Program?

If you cannot commit to our Live or Digital Chorus programs, but still want to benefit from working with the Divas and learning these fabulous choruses, then the Virtual Auditor Program is for you! 

Virtual Auditors may join our weekly workshop sessions via Zoom, or access the recordings after each session. Virtual Auditors may also attend either our Heliconian or Arts & Letters performance (the price of one ticket is included in participation fee).

Ready to join us?

Choose the Program that works best for you!

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We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.