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TCO presents: The Telephone / La voix humaine

Our friends at Toronto City Opera are presenting a double-bill of
The Telephone / La voix humaine
(Menotti / Poulenc)
on Saturday, October 24th!

TCO is combining these two one-act operas for a unique evening of live opera (without an audience).

Opera Sustenida’s resident coloratura soprano Nicole Whitney Dubinsky will be singing the role of Lucy in The Telephone, with Johnathon Kirby playing the role of her hapless boyfriend, Ben Upthegrove, who is trying to propose to Lucy but keeps getting interrupted by her never-ending string of phone calls.

Rachel Krehm will be performing the role of Elle in Poulenc’s haunting La voix humaine, which looks at the darker side of technology (here again, embodied by the telephone). In this piece, a woman has been abandoned by her lover and struggles to communicate with him in her final moments.

TCO’s The Telephone / La voix humaine will be LIVE in HD on Saturday, October 24th at 7:15pm (EST)

Tickets are $30 each, available online.

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