“Date with the Divas (Vol. 2)” – Trailers


Excerpts from our virtual concert “Date with the Divas (Vol. 2),” featuring arias, ensembles, and choruses from the Romantic era!


Magic Flute Quintet and Chorus


From our virtual concert “Date with the Divas (Vol. 1)”

Featuring (in order of appearance):
Suzanne Yeo, pianist
Corey Arnold as Monastatos
Nicole Whitney Dubinsky, as the Queen of the Night
Stephanie DeCiantis as First Lady
Daniella Theresia, as Second and Third Ladies
Glenn Pettifer as Sarastro

With thanks to our Chorus:
Arthur Ameis, Nancy Ameis, Kemi Atawo, Louise Cooper, Glenn Pettifer

All virtual staging and videos created by Stephanie DeCiantis.
Audio editing by Daniella Theresia and David Finneran.
Each artist recorded their part separately during 2020-2021.

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