And the winner is…

? Thanks to everyone who entered our holiday ticket GIVEAWAY! ?

We didn’t realize that it would be so tricky to guess what we were drinking* (no one guessed the correct answer) so we drew our winner from all of the entries instead!

We’re pleased to announce John B. as the lucky winner of a ticket to our next event, “Date with the Divas (Vol. 1)”!

For those of you who missed the giveaway, there’s still time to buy tickets!
“Date with the Divas (Vol. 1)”
LIVESTREAMED on Saturday, February 13th
7:30pm (EST)

See you there!!
The Divas

*No, we weren’t drinking champagne!
The correct answer was: Iced Tea for Nicole, Sherry & Soda for Daniella, Abruzzo Punch for Stephanie, Apple Juice for Suzanne.
Other champagne lookalikes are available at your local grocery store ?