Meet the Divas

Stephanie DeCiantis 
is a Canadian spinto soprano gaining recognition for her warm colour and interpretation of romantic and classical repertoire most recently with Brott Opera, Kindred Spirits Orchestra, and Opera by Request. Stephanie is excited to explore this new medium and bring some art into your home!

In addition to breaking everyone’s hearts singing bel canto repertoire, Stephanie is Opera Sustenida’s Film Diva, which means she’s responsible for making sure our videos “make sense” to viewers.  Her cinematographic creativity is a integral component to our dynamic virtual events – Experience it for yourself!

Nicole Whitney Dubinsky is a coloratura soprano from Toronto, Ontario. She is best known for her Queen of the Night and recent performances as Olympia/Giulietta/
Antonia in Toronto City Opera’s production of Les Contes d’Hoffmann. Nicole is thrilled to be a part of Opera Sustenida’s efforts to bring music into the community!

In addition to having to sing the highest notes in the ensemble, Nicole is Opera Sustenida’s Social Diva and public liaison. She’s also the resident ray-of-sunshine when the other divas need uplifting.

Mezzo-soprano Daniella Theresia has been living in Canada since 2017, where she has performed with Toronto City Opera, Toronto Masque Theatre, Opera for All, and Opera by Request. Daniella feels most at home in the art song and Baroque genres, but loves an opportunity to explore more dramatic opera works, especially when she gets to do so with her friends!

In addition to donning the thickest eyebrows in the ensemble, Daniella is Opera Sustenida’s Tech Diva, writing all the content for our website and publicity, and maintaining our website. (Hi!) 

Diva Wrangler  Suzanne Yeo is a Toronto-based pianist and conductor. Suzanne has performed in North America, Europe and Asia, to much praise for the intensity and sensitivity of her interpretations, with an affinity for Lieder and opera repertoire. She is very excited to be part of Opera Sustenida’s effort to bring music to people in their homes!

Suzanne‘s love of rare fonts and crisp photos are a match made in heaven for her role as Opera Sustenida’s graphic designer; she also dabbles in copy when Daniella needs an extra pair of eyes.

Our Story

Opera Sustenida consists of four friends who also happen to be fantastic musicians.

We first had the idea to create a virtual concert during the summer of 2020. This soon developed into a full-blown nature-inspired two-month-long concert series and accompanying grant application. 

We needed a name for our ensemble, so Daniella started playing with different combinations of our names (she is an avid word puzzler). After a few awkward attempts, she landed on “sustenida.”


“Opera” seemed a logical addition and thus Opera Sustenida was born!

We still hope to bring that nature-inspired concert to life one day, but we are more than thrilled to be creating virtual events to bring beloved opera favorites to a global audience.

Thank you for joining us on this musical adventure!

We hope to see you soon,
The Opera Sustenida Divas

Join us for our first LIVE opera production!
“Sing with the Divas II – Il trovatore” begins in July!