Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day!

We Divas are proud and honored that Opera Sustenida is composed entirely of women – and international ones, at that!

Each Diva expresses a unique tapestry of history, languages, and cultures that inform both her personality and her artistry. And while Stephanie and Nicole are fortunate to have been “born and raised” Canadians, Daniella and Suzanne have made their ways to Canada via the United States and Singapore, respectively.

Our rich cultural diversity is part of what makes our team so dynamic and what enables us to create such innovative and original works as:

“Date with the Divas (Vol. 1)”

This is the last week to enjoy our Baroque and Classical showcase if you haven’t yet! You can still purchase tickets here.

We really loved bringing “Volume 1” to life and we hope you’ll join us for “Volume 2,” when we’ll be exploring our favorite Bel Canto and Romantic works!

Stay tuned and until then, be well!

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